how to do a website analysis using SEMRUSH and Google PageSpeed Insights

here is the link to the video version: G:\My Drive\702pros\Tutorials

1. go to SEMRUSH website
2. login 
3. click on Domain Overview & insert website link into the field, click search. 
4. scroll all the way down to load the page, fully. scroll back up.
5. SCREENSHOT, save image to DOWNLOADS: remove "FireShot Capture 001" and the semrush part so it just says {insert URL}_Domain Overview
6. click on Organic Research and do the same thing staying on "OVERVIEW", save in the same format to DOWNLOADS.
7. click on POSITIONS. screenshot & save.

8. go to (Google PageSpeed Insights) and enter URL
9. save image to DOWNLOADS: PageSpeed Mobile- {domain}.png and do the same with Desktop.

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