USPS Intelligent Mail Small Business Tool (IMsb)

Job Creation
1. To create and sort mail, go to and log in.
2. Once logged in go to "Mailing Services" on the top left.
3. Scroll down and select "Intelligent Mail Small Business (IMsb) Tool" "Go to service"
4. This will take a second to authorize you. Once authorized select "Authorization Complete" then "Accept" on the next page.
5. Select "Create New Job" from the left side menu.
6. Review our "Mailer Information" before clicking "Continue"
7. Review the "Service Type ID Information" before clicking "Continue"
8. Enter the dimensions of your mail (size and weight) with the quantity of mail you're sending out before clicking "Continue"
9. Under "Move Update Method" select "ADDR - Alternative Address Format" and answer the questions below before clicking "Continue"
10. "Continue" through the "Return Address" page, unless you want returned mail routed to a different destination.
11. Review your entries on the "Review and Confirm Job Selections" page before clicking "Accept"

Address Upload

1. "Choose File" to upload (must be some form of spreadsheet in either .csv, .xls, or .xlsx format) and click "Upload"
2. "Address File Mapping" select which fields you want to appear on the label ("Company Name", "City", "State", "Zip Code") before clicking "Continue"
      **spreadsheet columns must be labeled with the following to be read by IMsb: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Combined Name Field,                     Company Name, Urbanization, Primary Address, Secondary Address, City, State, Zip Code
3. "Address File Uploading" verify the address formatting and information before clicking "Continue"
4. "Method of Entry" select the correct BMEU post office for our location, before clicking "Continue"

LAS VEGAS NV 89199-9651

Address Processing
1. Wait while the system scans for address corrections
2. Select "Address Correction complete. Click to Continue"
3. Review address corrections, and scan for duplicates before clicking "Continue"

Outbound Processing
1. Review "Tray/Stack Information" before clicking "Continue"
2. One the "Tray Label Creation" page select "Create Label" and then "Ok". Your labels will then download.
3. Open the downloaded file and print the labels (ensure the printer is loaded with the correct label sheets) before clicking "Continue" then "ok"
4. Under "Download Address File" select "CSV" for the format and then "download" next to "Updated Mail Merge File", click "ok" then "Continue"

Job Finalization
1. Wait for the Post Wizard to process the job and click "Continue"
2. Verify all the information and click "Submit" (scroll down)
3. Once the new page loads select "Printer-Friendly Version" and print a copy of the order.

Intelligent Mail for Small Business Owners (IMsb) User Guide

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